Royal Ascot – Ladies Day


16th June 2016

Mumma and I matchy matchy

The racing world is a big part of my family’s life and when the words Royal Ascot are spoken around the table, you know 6 months prior to its day that your outfit has begun to be thought, about taking over your mind . The dress, hat, shoes, jewellery, hair style and makeup are visioned in so much depth that you end up dreaming about your look and really believe you saw it in a store the other day! This has happened to me on many accounts, I can’t even count anymore!

I searched for weeks and weeks in all stores and websites for that perfect dress that applied to the dress code for the Royal Enclosure but there was always something not quite right.
I thought, instead of starting with the dress, begin with the feet and work my way up, as things will evolve from there. I contacted my go to shoe designer Camilla Elphick, for quirky yet feminine playful heels to stand out at Royal Ascot and that would blend nicely with colourful and neutral dresses. Camilla had a great pair of heels that incorporated red, black and white which I knew I could find a dress to match.

Time was upon me to check out all my favourite fashion websites again and who was the one to save me 2 weeks beforehand? Yes you read that correctly, from 6 months discussing Royal Ascot around the table, I had just two weeks left to find my dress and the winner was…… REVOLVE!

Dress: Novella Royale – Beth from Revolve, Heels: Camilla Elphick – Lucky 7’s , Jewellery: Tada & Toy – Falling Star Body Chain

Revolve is the ideal fashion website to find your perfect dress for all occasions that no one else has, can I get an AMEN!

The brand was Novella Royale where I purchased an effortlessly elegant side slit white ruffle dress with golden lily leaf patterns that was light and breezy for a super sunny race day. Novella Royale saved my dress dilemma. This is exactly what I had visioned wearing as I love the bohemian look making me feeling free and fresh.
It has a cinched in waist with a little tie belt that can be done up and the front or back for a simple chic look.

Dress complete! What a revelation. Now onto the hat…. two weeks to go and no hat, oh Alice! I was lucky to find my hat in the same day as our good friends, that we go to Royal Ascot with every year offered to let me borrow one of their many gorgeous hats.
Everything comes together slowly but surely always remember that.
I paired my outfit with my Tada and Toy Falling Star body chain and star cuff to give my look that bit more edge I was feeling with my white lace choker I made because well…. choker’s are life aren’t they.

Never be afraid to try everything and anything because you can always remove that last item you put on if the outfit doesn’t work.

My hair was styled smooth down with my makeup being subtle with a hit of sparkle on the eyes balancing with my dress and jewellery.

Outfit Complete, time to be a filly at Royal Ascot.


Purchase here

Novella Royale Beth Dress – Gold lily

Camilla Elphick Lucky 7’s heels

Tada and Toy Falling Star Body Chain

Be a kid with big dreams



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